We stayed here for three nights, we would have loved to stay longer and explore more but our timeline didn't fit it. I would recommend about 3-5 days on this beautiful island.


  • Zanzibar is an island in the Indian Ocean 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania. It is super safe for tourists and was a great place to begin our Tanzania adventure. You can get to Zanzibar by 2 hour ferry or 20 minute flight. It basically was the same price at the time of our booking so we went with the flight ($40 usd per person).
Where We Stayed:

    KonoKono Beach Resort- Zanzibar

    • Isaraya Luxury Over Water Villas ($1,650 usd per night, standard all inclusive rate)
      • They recently opened these gorgeous over water villas so we actually got 50% off their standard rate for being a first booking. However, I have seen them do many promotions so be on the lookout for a discounted rate before you book!
      • All hotel bookings come with either full or half board and a complimentary one way airport pick up/drop off. Ours came with half board so we were only on our own for lunch everyday but breakfast and dinner was included. The breakfast and 5 course dinners were AMAZING each night. There were vegetarian, seafood, and meat options each night. The staff here was the best and so accommodating too!
      • We used booking.com to arrange airport pick up/drop off to and from this resort. The ride to the resort was about 1 ½ hours away from Zanzibar airport and cost us $49.20 usd each way. (You can book a ride via the resort but it will be double!)
      Where We Ate:

        The Rock Restaurant- Zanzibar

          • This is a restaurant on a rock in the ocean :O. We came here for lunch one day and it was amazing! We ordered the Rock special ($62 usd) which came with an assortment of freshly caught seafood. The tides in Zanzibar are insane; at low tide you can easily walk up to the restaurant but at high tide you must take a short boat ride. The Rock Restaurant is a 10 minute drive from the KonoKono Beach Resort. (see pics below for 2 tides an hour apart)



        We stayed in Arusha for one night and our 3 day safari left the following morning at 7 am. Our 3 day safari felt perfect in length so I would recommend a least 3 days to safari.


        • Basically all the safaris in Tanzania leave from the city of Arusha so we flew there from Zanzibar for the second part of our trip. yay safaris.

        Gosheni Safaris

        • Book this safari company if you go to Tanzania! This is a locally owned and operated safari company in Tanzania. We booked the 3-Day Classic Serengeti Safari. Personally, I thought this was the perfect amount of time for this safari for us. We started early every morning and arrived back at our camp at sunset. We saw leopards, lions, hyenas, zebras, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, wildebeest, rhinos, hippos, ostriches, baboons, and much much more! Our guide was Gabriel, he was super helpful spotting animals and served us great lunch each day in the middle of the park. He also spoke basically perfect English which was a plus. 
        • On this safari we stayed at their camp in the middle of the Serengeti called Acacia Seronera Luxury Camp. It is a tented camp but any kind of tent you’re picturing it is far far from that. Each tent/room was a huge suite with a bathtub, separate shower, living room area, and more. We were greeted right when we pulled up by the staff. Furthermore, our bags were taken care of and we were provided drinks and snacks upon arrival.
        • All food was provided on the safari and it was so good! The food was all freshly made and we were given many many courses each meal. Honestly thought we were going to be roughing it food/lodging wise but we were FAR from roughing it this entire safari. 
        • We paid around $2,450 usd for 2 people for the 3 Day Classic Safari- private tour. It would have been less had we not done a private tour but we were on our honeymoon so I felt the need to bouj out on a private safari :) The safari included all meals, taxes, park fees, and accommodation for the two nights.


        Day One- Travel to Africa

        Flight: MIA-Dar es Salaam, leave at 9:55 pm from MIA

        Day Two- Travel

        Day Three- Arrive Zanzibar

        Land at 2:55 am in Dar es Salaam

        Flight: DAR to Zanzibar 7:00-7:20am

        Booking.com Airport Pick Up to KonoKono Resort (1 hr 1/2)

        OVERNIGHT KonoKono Over Water Villa- Zanzibar

        Day Four- Zanzibar

        The Rock Restaurant for lunch (10 mins from resort)

        OVERNIGHT KonoKono Over Water Villa- Zanzibar

        Day Five- Zanzibar

        OVERNIGHT KonoKono Over Water Villa- Zanzibar

        Day Six- Zanzibar- Arusha Travel

        Booking.com Airport Drop off from KonoKono Resort (1 hr 1/2)

        Flight: Zanzibar-Arusha 8:00-9:15am

        Taxi from airport to hotel

        Explore Arusha/Mt. Kilimanjaro 

        OVERNIGHT Tulia Boutique Hotel & Spa- Arusha

        Day Seven- Safari

        Gosheni SAFARI Day 1- pick up from Tulia Hotel at 7:00am

        Serengeti National Park

        Day Eight- Safari

        Gosheni SAFARI Day 2

        Serengeti National Park

        Day Nine- Safari

        Gosheni SAFARI Day 3 

         Ngorongoro Crater

        DROP OFF 8:00 pm at the KIL airport

        Flight: KIL-DAR 21:20-22:40

        Airport sleep at DAR 

        Day Ten- Travel Home

        Flight: DAR-Miami 3:55 AM- 8:00 PM EST land


        *FLIGHTS: We flew round trip with Turkish Airlines from MIA-DAR for $820 usd per person. All of our in country flights were $30-50 usd per person*


        (if you want to know the whole cost of the trip you can do self calculations ;))

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        All I can say is wow!!!

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